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Haarwood is a company that offers its services from felling trees and thinning to forest evaluation and consultation. We have a long experience in forestry both in Estonia and abroad, and our goal is to offer high quality and guaranteed effective service. For that, we have schooled our people both, through public and private training.

Statistics and experience shows that forest, that is taken care of, yields 20-30% more crop and expected results are achieved quicker. Beautiful and managed forest, however, does not happen just by itself. Like relationships, cars or agricultural lands- only grow worse without care, so the forest needs constant attention, good stewardship and professional management, so that the full potential of a particular forest could be realized.

Forest in some ways, could be compared with children- both forest and children shape our future! What we invest today into our children and forests, is a long-term investment, and we see the results later during our lifetime. It is important to remember that it is harder to change both of them, once they have grown up. So, today is the best time to do something about it, and invest into our own future by investing into them!

We think that alongside of professionalism of forest management has to be love and passion for forestry and we certainly have that!

The natural development process of a forest is very slow. Man’s every action in the forest has to be calculated with a goal in mind to provide sustenance and thriving for growth. Tree cutting is only a glimpse of the life of a forest. It has to be preceded by hard work and heavy investment to plant the trees, constant care taking and professional management, which on top of that often demand extra expense in draining, road building, etc. Any action without planning and reasoning or omitting some vital works could prove in imbalance and negative inclination of the processes and developments of the forest.

Obviously it is a desire of any forest owner that their forest would be wholesome, well-cared and highly productive. We feel that we could be of help in achieving that goal by offering our consultations, planting or pre-commercial thinning services, etc. You can check on our list of services here:





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