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About the company

Haarwood OÜ was launched in November 2005. The goal of the company was to offer a quite new type of service at the time for both individuals and corporations- fire wood production with a machine. Later Haarwood began to offer forest thinning service, which is a main emphasis today. Haarwood OÜ belongs 100% to Ergo Haar, who is a general manager of the company.

Ergo Haar has worked in forestry since 1994 offering tree-cutting through several companies. One of his first jobs was assisting a felling expert and also then tree-cutting itself. In 1996 he began to work for AS Karo Forest Company as assistant to felling expert, where he got a tree- cutting expert qualification. The same year Ergo began to work as a self-employed felling expert and started to offer his services to different companies and individuals.  

As volumes later grew, Ergo began buy in work from sub-contractors, by which the capability of his enterprise increased, but created a situation where work was hard to provide for all sub-contractors in the summer season. Since November 2000 he worked through OÜ Valderg Mets, and about the same time forest cleaning and pre-commercial thinning was added as another service the company offered, which insured work for contractors throughout the year. In 2005 the company worked in Sweden and in 2007 in Germany where Ergo organized felling and logistics of it. OÜ Valderg Mets actively operates today as well.

Through OÜ Haarwood several services are performed both in Estonia and Finland. Haarwood works currently in Finland with companies such as Metsämannut Oy (Oy Metsäliito's daughter company), Silvesta Oy (Oy UMP's daughter copmany), Tornator Oy (Oy Stora Enso's daughter company), Kytäjän Kartano Oy and Fiskars Oy.  In Estonia our biggest partners are RMK and EREMKA. Our company does silviculture planting, juvenile and pre-commercial thinning.

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